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During the Hybrid Tint training you will learn how to use the new Hybrid paint products and developer, how to mix colors and practice on your model.

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Course Key Benefits

  • Become a Hybrid Tint expert in one day.
  • Full attention because of the small groups
  • Trained by the best trainers
  • Starter kit included
  • Certificate included


NEW at Lash eXtend!

The Hybrid Tint training is meant for stylists who already have experience treating eyebrows. During this training you will learn the ins and outs of applying the new Lash eXtend Hybrid Tint products and developer and you will receive additional product information. This training requires a model.

This new training lasts 2 hours and consists of 1 hour of theory and 1 hour of practice.

The hybrid dye is the latest innovation for the treatment of eyebrows by professionals. A paint that combines the benefits of henna and regular paint or eyebrow paint. It gives the same long-lasting and intense results as henna. One of the big advantages is that this treatment requires a shorter processing time, so you can finish faster and treat more clients!

The Hybrid paint colors the skin for up to 7 days* and the eyebrow hairs/eyelashes for up to 7 weeks. The colors can be mixed to get the most perfect shade for your customers.

✓ Colors the skin and eyebrow hairs or eyelashes
✓ Long-lasting pigmentation with eyebrow dye/eyelash dye:
   - Hair up to 7 weeks
   - Skin up to 7 days
✓ Easy to use
✓ Safe: Free from ammonia, free from parabens and any form of animal cruelty.
✓ Can be used in combination with Brow Lamination & Lash Lifting

Value of the starter kit: € 99.- excl. VAT.

Article nr.: 2514

Module List

This course consists of a theoretical module as well as a practice module where you train on a real model.

Training Kit

The products you will need to become a Lash eXtend Hybrid Tint specialist are coming with the training. The Starterkit is included with the training and will be handed out to you at the start of the training.

After the training you will receive your certificate for BLX Brow Lamination.

Course FAQ

Yes, you will have arrange and to bring your own model to the training. 
No, the training will be during a morning or an afternoon. (before or after lunch time)
Yes, we have a limited amount of free parking spaces available at the training location.
Yes, for this training you will receive your certificate right away, at the end of the training day.