after booking a Lash extend training:

- You will be welcomed in one of the excellently equipped Lash eXtend training facilities.
- You will be trained by a professional and very experienced eyelash or brow stylist who has been appointed and trained by Lash eXtend itself.
- You gain theoretical knowledge so that you know everything you need to know about the function of the eye and the place in the styling of the face.
- You will receive practical lessons led by one or more professionals who can answer all your questions do you use the quality products of Lash eXtend.
- If you wish, you will receive further guidance with questions afterwards

Everything you learn during the 1 or 2 days (depending on the type of training) is also included in a training manual that you receive after the training. There is also the option to purchase individual online modules after your training.

Lash eXtend is committed to ensuring that you can start practicing the profession of eyelash or brow stylist immediately after training. The way in which we take care of this and the guidance you receive afterwards is embedded in the certificate you receive after successfully completing the training. From 1 June 2020 you will only receive your certificate from the Lash eXtend head office after following a training at 1 of the designated locations. All certificates are numbered and provided with a watermark and are officially registered. This gives you the guarantee that you have a real and valid certificate.

So if you are offered a Lash eXtend certificate in any other way, you know that this is not official and no rights can be derived from it.

With this we stand for the value that a Lash eXtend certificate has for you as a lash or brow stylist!

Become a Lash eXtend Professional!


Wanneer je bij Lash eXtend een training volgt, bouw je naast een hoeveelheid theoretische kennis ook een praktische set vaardigheden op waar je vanaf dat moment mee aan de slag kunt.